BeliefNet: "10Q Tackles Repentance's Biggest Problem"

It strikes me every year: the biggest problem with repentance is that it’s such an introspective process that there’s no accountability.

While many would point out that the penitent heart is judged by God, and that this is the entire point, we must face the fact that very few of us are expecting God to say, “Hey, remember last year when you promised to stop slandering people? Well, you didn’t.” But if someone were to record our promises to ourselves, flash freeze our repentance for a year, and send it back to us, would we be more or less likely to make promises to God and to ourselves?

10Q, an initiative of Reboot, …aims to help us define the areas where we desire improvement, and will basically remind us in a year of what we’d hoped to achieve.

BeliefNet: “10Q Tackles Repentance’s Biggest Problem”

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