Reflect Now. You May Be Surprised By What You Find.

Here at 10Q HQ we are getting lots of feedback through Facebook and email from 10Qers who have received their 2010 answers from the vault. They are amazed to see how different their thinking is and excited to see where they were at last year. Some 10Qers were inspired to take action now to act on their goals of last year before the calendar year is over.
Beth Mencis Bacall reflected: “I just received and read mine. I must say it is disappointing to think about how little action I have taken in the past year on things that I know are important to my growth and happiness.”
Angelica Jayne Taggart wrote: “I received mine yesterday…I was disappointed – however, I realized that I still have a few months until the end of this year — so I’m getting on it!!”

Jan Schwartz stated: “I actually felt pretty good about most of the actions I’ve taken, save one or two. Those will no doubt find there way into the answers for this year.”

Annette Gold commented: “It was a cool surprise to get my email yesterday! One of the things I wrote was that I wanted to get back to a Size 10. I was roughly a Size 16/18 when I filled in the form last year. I have since lost 40 pounds and have gotten into a Size 10!! Voila. I also said that I wanted to be in a romantic relationship and I believe I am…albeit long distance…with a guy I met on JDate. 🙂 Shana Tova!!”

Lisette van Elst wrote: “ Very pleased with the email yesterday. To read back the goals you make for yourself. The outcome is very positive! Looking forward doing it again for this year.”

Christopher Whalen reflected: “It was quite strange reading the email yesterday – very different from viewing a photo of myself from a year ago; more like reading an old diary entry. It’s me, but it’s also not me. Slightly embarrassing. I’m always optimistic my love life will change, but it never seems to. Still have many of the same goals.”

C.J. Ellisson wrote: “I found it fascinating to see how some of my goals were the same and others were reached easier than I thought.”

Victor Owoyele said: “‎90% of my expectation were fulfilled including a wish for my current national president to elected President of Nigeria. I enjoyed the time spent reflecting.”

The 2011 process begins in just two days. So get ready to reflect again.

Start thinking about your regrets, big things that happened in your family, global events that shaped you this year, spiritual or emotional realizations you’ve had. You will find that you enjoy the pause, the time to really examine your feelings, experiences and beliefs – beyond just what you post publicly to your friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter.

Get ready to get your 10Q on.

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